By July 16, 2015 Memorials

Beatrice Reimer memorial small


  • Kim says:

    You were a great mom to Bea, I know she will forever be in your heart! So sorry for your loss! I hope you find peace in all the wonderful memories you had with Bea.

  • Donna Reimer says:

    My beloved Daughter…..I miss you so much, you are in my thoughts daily. I can see you and Nick running around and watching over your loved ones that are still here on earth. This gives me peace knowing this. We will meet one day soon. God Bless You Precious Child. Love Mommy

  • Wanda Reimer says:

    It is so hard to see your picture on a memorial page. Seems surreal. You were so reliant and fought a good fight for so long. God Bless you dear soul. This separation from you is not forever.

  • Donna Reimer says:

    To my Beautiful Daughter……It has been almost 2 months since you passed away – and I miss you so much. You touched my life in so many ways – you touched everyone’s heart that came in contact with you…you were / are truly an Angel. You will never, ever be forgotten. You have a new baby sister and brother – I know that you and Nicky are watching over them – and so do they. God Bless You my Beautiful Child. I love you and Nicky so much – you are forever in my thoughts. Love Mommy, Roy and Mabel and Juniper

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