In Memory of Bonnie

By November 29, 2018 Memorials

Bonnie has been a loyal and loving part of our family 13 years. We adopted her from the City of Winnipeg Animal Services on November 9, 2005 and after a tumultuous first year with Houdini (the escape artist) who suffered from separation anxiety, she settled into the best friend we could ever have had.

She was a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog and a Canadian Animal Blood Donor.

I swear that she walked more than 500 miles with me up until my first knee surgery in 2016. Her vocabulary far exceeded that of our other 2 dogs we had the pleasure of having in our lives.  She always wanted to please and was very easy to train. We enrolled in an obedience/agility class shortly after her adoption and she did amazingly well.  She would do whatever I asked her to do because she had so much trust in me.

She had the memory of an elephant too.  If she spotted a bunny under a tree on a walk she would remember that bunny on a walk weeks later.  She also knew the route of our walks and would usually lead the way, and we had more than one route.

She loved the cottage as well as her back yard at home where she would chase the squirrels daily. She loved Christmas so much. We would have to make sure all our presents were open before we gave hers to her, otherwise she would try to open ours for us.

We would like to thank McPhillips Animal Hospital for the fabulous care and compassion given to Bonnie for the past 13 years.

Chase those squirrels “get’em Bonnie”.  We love you and you will remain in our hearts forever.


Jaclyn/Bruce Douglas

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