Waist Watchers is a complimentary program to help your pet achieve a healthy weight! 

Ask us how we can how we can help your pet achieve their weight loss goals!





Here are the details in order to win a Bowzer Box from our hospital: Every dog who has a 4DX Heartworm test done at our hospital in May and June are entered into a draw to win a Bowzer Box. See the link below for what is in a box. https://bowzerbox.ca/pages/whats-in-a-box In order to receive your prize, we just need the following: • Please confirm your mailing address, as we have Bowzer Box ship your prize box directly out to your home: • Please send me a picture of ____, with your authorization for your pet to be featured on our Facebook page as this week’s winner of our draw (We will not use your last name, just pet name and pet picture). Just so you are aware, Bowzer Box ships their boxes on the 15th of the month. ***IF THE ABOVE IS NOT AUTHORIZED, A NEW WINNER WILL BE DRAWN***