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You were our best friend and we all miss you so very much. We have many great memories of you and they will never be forgotten…like the times when we all come home and you are always there to greet us, you would much rather play than sleep just to be with and spend time with someone, and you always looked forward to going outside, day and night. We know you loved us as much as we loved you and your presence will sorely be missed…you made us all very happy. So long Klause. Predeceased by loving brother Ivan only (8) months ago.


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Dec 2005 – July 2007

My U U

Tell me it will be easy

Tell me that the pain will go away

Tell me all will be ok

Tell me please I will see you again

Tell me why it hurts so

This is not the way I thought we would spend our summer

My winter now will be ….. no fun with shoveling

But my only comfort is….

Knowing that your with Buckie now

You both looking at each other

and playing with so much love

It’s not easy to say …..

all that needs to be said

For all of us may you my Missty girl be at peace now

Miss U Terribly

Mom, Dad, Ben, Janice, Austin & Brady