House Training


Most cats are very easy to house-train because they have a tendency to defecate and urinate in areas that have a sand or dirt-like texture. They love to “bury their business”. If the only pile of sand or dirt in your house is the litter box…. the kitten will want to use it. It’s a great idea when introducing a new kitten to the house to keep it in a small or restricted room until they develop the habit of using a litter box.

Other common behaviors that a kitten may develop:

  1. scratching – trees, furniture
  2. hunting
  3. scent marking – cheek rubbing
  4. grooming

It should be known that some of the above behaviors are genetic so not all cats will develop each specific trait. For example, it is less likely for a kitten that was born from an indoor cat to possess the same hunting instinct of that from a kitten that was born from a farm cat.


One of the most common questions asked when obtaining a new puppy is, “How do I housetrain my puppy?” The first thing that you need to decide is what type of training method would you like your puppy to learn. There are several options from crate/kennel, newspaper, or house-training. This decision will depend on your lifestyle, environment, and patience.

Any of these methods when used consistently, can be one of the first stepping stones towards a happy puppy in a happy family.

For any further information regarding these training procedures, please contact us and ask to speak to out of our registered animal health technologists.